World Drone Prix 2016 Dubai – Racer Setups

During World Drone Prix 2016 many different racers and setups were used. Due to the requirement of the frequency band (see W.O.R.D. Code) as well as the HD-video-system during the race, various things had to be considered. Many people – including myself – want to know what kind of setups were flown.

Now, within 2 weeks I was able to speak with some people of each team to get the setups together. My goal was to have the data comparable. For comparable data I had to annoy the people with all the detailed questions (sorry about that 🙂) so that one or the other dialog looked like that:

Jan Niemueller:

[…] Now I want to create a database with all setups (of the drones) of all teams from WDP. Can you give me the specs about your teams racers (Flightcontroller, Flightcontroller Software and Version, Power Distribution Board, FPV Camera, FPV Transmitter, FPV Antennas, OSD, Motors, Propellers, Goggles and Goggle Receiver, ESCs, Frame, Framesize, Battery, Radio Controller, Radio Receiver, LEDs Thanks in advance! Jan


Hi Jan!
Im the one and only. I was flying:
– dquad reflex
– cobra 2300's
– littlebe 30's
– 1800mah tattu lipo's
– Seriously pro fc
– triblade DAL 5045
and a heave HD dubai cam ofcourse lol
good luck with your projects bro

Jan Niemueller:

Goggle was what kind of? Which VTX receiver and transmitter? what software? SPRAcing F3 mini or non mini?
Cobra 2204 ? Which PDB? Which FPV Antennas? OSD?


Dominator v3
Immersion 200mw
F3 minj
Dquad reflex has its own pdb
Immersion antennas 
No osd

Jan Niemueller:

Okay, which FPV Cam ?
And what Video receiver in dominator ?
32 or 40 channel immersionrc nextwave ?
What Radio, Radio Receiver, LEDs and what Software with which version ?


foxeer fpv cam, nexwave 40channel

Jan Niemueller:

Thats HS1177 right ?


turnigy 9x
yes it is
crossfire module
no idera which softare
thats about it grin emoticon
i have no more info left
you should work for fbi
you're good

Jan Niemueller:

Thank you for your time!!!! smile emoticon

This conversation were followed by many more, but everyone was friendly. Some did not respond. Many only after the 2nd or 3rd request of me. Most are just very busy and currently under stress. Thus, I decided to publish this list with that data I already have. As soon as I get new data, the list will continually be updated.

A lot of time was also spent considering how I can visualize the data best. It turned out quickly that WordPress is completely unsuitable for such a large list (horizontal). To make the comparison and the viewing as pleasant as possible, the decision to use Google Docs was made. Here we have the opportunity to work properly on most devices with the data. You can add a comment also with a right click if you have any change-requests or comments.

You can find the setup-list right here:

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    This is Zora from BONKA power. if you are interested in below lipo, please let me know:

    FPV racing series:
    BK-1300/75-4S   30*34*74mm  156g
    BK-1500/75-4S   27*34*90mm  176g

    Helicopter series:
    BK-2200/35-3S   25*34*105mm (450 Sized Heli)
    BK-3300/35-3S   20*43*137mm  260g
    BK-5200/35-5S   46*44*137mm  (F3A)

    Bonka lipo are very welcome in USA and Europ ,you can google it or see below youtube link:

    best regards

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