World Drone Prix 2016 Dubai – Conclusion

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On February the 29th I wrote an article about the World Drone Prix race in Dubai. Due to the development and the wide reach of the blog-entry I want to summarize some things. I don't want to repeat the details of every single day but you can look at the entry itself. It's not in English for now but my blog is written in English from this point on.

The reason for the post was at first the interest in the event and secondly the fact that the entire information about the race was neither central nor regularly available anywhere. I found some details on page A and some other on page B. However, never contiguous and only sporadically. I wanted to do things differently and thus wrote everything I could find, together.

The blog post evolved into the largest contribution in Germany with about 1500 views on the first day (which is a lot, because the blog only was nine days online at that time). After I came into contact with the organizers and some teams I had a good source for informations. The outreach expanded worldwide. Until the end (12.03.2016) about 750,000 people were reached. Sick!

At the beginning I wanted to summarize everything for Germany. Since I have never expected such an outreach, I haven't translated anything into English. In fact I translated the English texts for the German teams. After some time I wrote the most important information also on Facebook and on the blog only the truly most relevant things in English. In future I will publish my blog entries multilingual.

The initial version of the blog post was on the site of red:bee shared and published in addition to mine. Furthermore, I wrote more with Rene (owner of red:bee) and took over towards the end also writing about the event on the red:bee Facebook page. This developed into a (for now) sustained contact and at this point again thank you!

My blog post was about information and to publish this information as fast as possible. But before I wrote and published anything, I verified that these information are definitely correct. Not because I'm not trusting the individual but rumors quickly emerged (keyword TBS radio problems). So I had to rely on every person I was in contact with. And I was supported by many people such as the entire red:bee Racing Team, Chad Kapper, Steele Davis and especially Mark Cocquio (huge thanks to you, Mark).

On 07.03.2016 I also registered a YouTube channel to publish the material I edited. So far, there are 221 subscribers.

About the event itself I can say: absolutely great except for some (not marginal) problems! A racetrack never seen before with an effort that was breathtaking!

Some things went wrong. For example the custom made HD-system (for $50.000 each with a weight of 200g mounted on each racer) were after the first few races due to technical problems no longer used. They used 200g-dummy-weights after they gave up. Furthermore the news about the event were published too slow. The times of the qualifications and the race track would have been interesting. Some situations in the race itself were also very questionable (keyword Dronsky) but for that I have very vague information.

All in all, one can say that the event was a success for the sport and for the FPV scene as such. In addition, the organization had a lot of work because of a very devastating storm (which has never ceased to exist for more than 10 years in Dubai) since even a lightning struck the racetrack.

Last but not least I would like to congratulate every team that could take part in it – you showed a lot of effort and commitment – you are entitled to respect in every way!

I will release more content about the World Drone Prix this week. The whole setup of the racers for many teams for example. Furthermore I also (but not only) want to follow the story about the World Future Sports Games and write about that exclusively:

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