Drone Champions League – 01 Race in ruins


logoIt begins. I’m going to participate in the next big race. The Drone Champions league. Together with Team FPV24 Racing (www.FPV24Racing.com) I’m taking the next big step and fly Europe’s largest race of its kind. This is possible only because of FPV24.com (FPV24.com is a pro-shop for racing copter, video transmission, motores and much more). FPV24 is supporting us completely so that we can take part.

The FPV24 Racing Team consists of five people: Dominick, Marc, Marcel, Niklas and me. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Drone Champions League is divided into several races. It’s not yet announced where all the races will be. The first race will take place in Reutte, Austria, at an old castle. To keep you updated, I will post every news – like the post about Dubai – here in the blog. But also in english this time.

Do you have questions / feedback or other suggestions? I am happy about every mail that you write me at mail@raceband.de!


The updates will also be posted at:http://www.facebook.com/GlobalhawkFPV


Info: This entry has been splitted into the different races. This entry is only about RACE 01 – RACE IN RUINS. You can follow the second RACE 02 – RACE IN CAVES right here.


Added: Drone Champions Game


Info: We have arrived yesterday. The meeting and briefing was postponed for two hours due to the rain and mud on the road to the castle. I’ll try to update you hourly – but I have to get an internet-connection.


Added: Group Draw
Info: The pilot rotation has changed, so I will be in Austria as a substitute pilot in this case.


Updated: Team Flyduino, Team KloPPoKoPPter
Added: Initial Blogpost.

Where does the Drone Champions League take place?

Schlosskopf Ehrenberg

6600 Reutte, Austria

When does the Drone Champions League take place?

11.-12.08.2016: Training


09:00 – 12:00 Qualifying
12:00 – 17:00 Qualifying
19:00 – 21:30 Race
21:40 Ceremony


Drone Champions League Race Track



At the beginning of the event 40 pilots will start for qualification. Then the best 32 pilots will fly their race in knockout rounds. Each gate and obstacle must be flown. Should a gate or obstacle be missed, so this has to be flown again.


These are the currently known teams which will participate:

Team MRP
Redbee Racing Team
Team FPV24 Racing
Team Flyduino
Team KloPPoKoPPter


Name Origin Team
Group 1    
Andy Hahn  Germany   RedBee Racing Team
Zoomas  USA   MRP – Multirotorparts
Kent Dideriksen  Denmark  Wildcard Pilot
Dominick Loria  Philippines  Team FPV24 Racing
Group 2    
Banny UK  Great Britian  Team Blacksheep X-Blades
Krzysztof Chartanowicz  Poland  Wildcard Pilot
Jan Mittner  Czech Republic  Wildcard Pilot
Daniel Mashraki   Israel   Wildcard Pilot
Group 3    
Piotr Waledziak  Poland  Team Gemfan
XY.FPV   Germany   MRP – Multirotorparts
Michael Scholz   Germany   KISS Racing Team
Kay Stutz  Switzerland  Wildcard Pilot
Group 4    
Chi FPV  Great Britian  Team Blacksheep X-Blades
Marc Rödder   Germany   Team FPV24 Racing
Noam Smadja   Israel   Wildcard Pilot
Benjamin Mabtoul   Germany   RedBee Racing Team
Group 5    
Phil Freybot   USA   Team Gemfan
Dunkan Bossion  France  MRP – Multirotorparts
Mac Poshwald   Poland   Team Blacksheep X-Blades
Niklas Solle   Germany   Team FPV24 Racing
Group 6    
Dino Joghi  Nederlands  Team Gemfan
Sebastian Brandes   Germany   KISS Racing Team
Marc Heiniger  Switzerland  KISS Racing Team
Mario Schweiger   Germany   Globeflight / Amimon Prosight
Group 7    
Jonas Schnell   Germany   Aeromey Racing Squad
Stephan Meyer  Austria  Team Blacksheep X-Blades
Florian Maußner   Germany   Team KloPPoKoPPter
Andreas Graf   Germany   RedBee Racing Team
Group 8    
Mario Hensen   Germany   Team KloPPoKoPPter
Markus Stropiep   Germany   Team KloPPoKoPPter
Lukasz Raczkiewicz   Poland   Team Gemfan
Manuel Mauritz  Austria  RedBee Racing Team
Group 9    
Rolf Venz   Germany   MRP – Multirotorparts
Awkbots   USA   Wildcard Pilot
Deeke Bartels   Germany   Team KloPPoKoPPter
Marcel Jonczyk   Germany   Team FPV24 Racing
Group 10:    
Sebastian Gernath   Germany   Aeromey Racing Squad
Eric Thomsen   Germany   Aeromey Racing Squad
Lucas Wahl   Germany   KISS Racing Team
Matthias Weidy   Germany   Aeromey Racing Squad



HD Video-System
Each quad will carry an HD video system. The system transmits the video-signal in full-hd to the pilot and their spectators.

The quads will get an unique color each heat. The propeller must be mounted in that color.

As with the propellers, the LEDs must be set to the pilots assigned color per heat.

Drone Champions Game

Yesterday the Drone Champions Game has been announced. “The Drone Champions League is the first league combining a game with live Drone Champions League events. With the ultra high realistic flight model, no G-forces and the identical hardware setup a pilot simply feels no difference between a simulated or a real drone.”

For first this is the teaser:

And here is a interview about the Drone Champions Game:

This are my current info I can tell you (13.09.2016):

– You can qualifyin-game for live events
– Release date will be around July 2017
– It’s playable on PC and Console
– You can play with virtual reality gadgets
– Focus is on real physics – the physics have been developed in wind tunnels
– The best: It’s free to play(!!!)

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