Drone Champions League – 02 Race in caves


logoThe Drone Champions League goes into the second round with the name Race in Caves. This time it’s going to Romania into the salt mine Turda (romanian Salina Turda). Now I will participate as an active pilot at this race. This is possible only because of FPV24.com (FPV24.com is a pro-shop for racing copter, video transmission, motores and much more). FPV24 is supporting us completely so that we can take part.

“Salina Turda” is one of the oldest and most famous salt mines in Romania. In the time of the Roman Empire salt was won there already. In 1690, under the Habsburg rule, work began on today’s mine, in which salt was mined by 1932. In 2010, the caves were restored and converted into a mine for a show with a museum of minerals, which attracts more than 4,000 visitors at the weekend. For the spectacular drone race in November, there will probably be a few more. Salina Turda is investing heavily in the infrastructure for the upcoming drones race: “We want to become like the Monaco of the racing season in this young motorsport,” announced Adrian Soporan, marketing manager of the salt mines. In addition, a long-term and exclusive cooperation is sought. The organizer and initiator of this spectacular event is “Drone Champions AG” with founder and CEO Herbert Weirather in cooperation with the agency WWP Weirather-Wenzel & Partner.

The FPV24 Racing Team has changed something in this race: Dominick, Marc, Marcel, Niklas, Markus and meWe are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This time beside the unusual location again there is another innovation, a worldwide video transmission. „We are proud to be allowed to deliver the Drone Champions League at this unique place. We will transfer phenomenal pictures and emotions and I am convinced that we will get even more worldwide attention than our first race in Austria “, Herbert Weirather looks ahead. „Thanks to the support of our partner Vodafone, drone fans around the world will be able to witness the spectacle on 20 November from 7 pm (CET) live on featured.de/dronechampions.“

The Drone Champions League is divided into several races. Where all races will take place is not yet announced. The first race took place in an old castle in Reutte, Austria (see here).

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Info: This entry has been splitted into the different races. This entry is only about RACE 02 – RACE IN CAVES. Infos about the first RACE 01 – RACE IN RUINS are right here.

Where does the Race in Caves take place?

Salina Turda

Aleea Durgăului 7, Turda 401106, Romania


When does the Race in Caves take place?

18.11.2016 – 20.11.2016


10:00 Training


10:00 – 12:00 Training
12:00 – 17:00 Qualifying
17:00 Race


10:00 Training
17:00 Qualifying and Race


Salina Turda

Salina Turda

Salina Turda

Salina Turda

Salina Turda

Salina Turda


CGI-Fun about Salina Turda



At the beginning of the event 40 pilots will start for qualification. Then the best 32 pilots will fly their race in knockout rounds. Each gate and obstacle must be flown. Should a gate or obstacle be missed, so this has to be flown again.


Name Origin Team
Group 1    
Kent Gary  Great Britain TBS X-Blades
Graf Andreas Germany Egodrift Racing
Mittner Jan Czech Republic Wildcard
Fechle Angelo Germany Aeromey Racing
Group 2    
Niemüller Jan Germany FPV24
Mauritz Manuel Austria Egodrift Racing
Van de Perre Gillian Belgium MRP
Wahl Lukas Germany Flyduino
Group 3    
De Kamp Martjin Nederlands Wildcard
Schenk Heiko Germany Aeromey Racing
Heiniger Marc Swiss Flyduino
Bartels Deeke Germany Kloppokopter
Group 4    
Thomsen Eric Germany Aeromey Racing
Brandes Sebastian Germany Flyduino
Dicks Markus Germany FPV24
Stropiep Markus Germany Kloppokopter
Group 5    
Pacha Daniel Spain Wildcard
Chartanowicz Krzystof Poland Gemfan
Malte XY.FPV Germany MRP
Stutz Kay Swiss Wildcard
Group 6    
Venz Rolf Germany MRP
Klaasen Christian Germany Kloppokopter
Toman Jakub Czech Republic Wildcard
Leteve Julien France Gemfan
Group 7    
Poshwald Mac Poland TBS X-Blades
Irie Vince Nederlands Wildcard
Hahn Andy Germany Flyduino
Loria Dominik Philippines FPV24
Group 8    
Freybot Phil America Gemfan
Müller Sacha Andreas Swiss Egodrift Racing
Kirsch Walter Austria Egodrift Racing
Boris B. Nederlands MRP
Group 9    
Joghi Dino Nederlands Gemfan
Hackl Bastian Germany TBS X-Blades
Michel Udo Germany Aeromey Racing
Dehn Oliver Germany Kloppokopter
Group 10:    
Joncyk Marcel Germany FPV24
BanniUK Great Britain TBS X-Blades
Müller Juli Germany Wildcard


HD Video-System
In contrast to the first race, only GoPro session cameras are now being used.

The quads will get an unique color each heat. The propeller must be mounted in that color.

As with the propellers, the LEDs must be set to the pilots assigned color per heat.

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